Tuesday, 18 April 2017


- My dearly beloved Friends, calvary greetings to you all in Jesus powerful Name.  Are you a SERIOUS CHRISTIAN?  If yes, then this teaching is for you. Go ahead reading it and meditate on it and take action! But if your answer is No, don't bother yourself to read it! We are here with a special teaching that is designed to take you to a new level of knowledge in your Christian journey. We are talking about CHRISTIAN PERFECTION, especially in this end time.  In Mt 5:48, Jesus says "Be ye therefore PERFECT even as your Father which is in heaven is Perfect" This is a direct instruction and command from our Master Jesus Christ who knows everything. This command has no option or alternative to it. You are either perfect for you to make it to heaven or you forget about going to heaven. Period! There are some Christians who always Comfort themselves, using an adage that says "A human being is like a fish in the ocean that cannot do without water" What they are saying here is that human beings cannot live on this earth without Committing sins! Let me tell you point blank, this proverb or adage does not hold water when it comes to Christian perfection as demanded in the scriptures. God wants His children to be perfect like Himself. Note, if it were not possible in our Christian lives, Jesus wound not have given that instruction! The members of the Early Church walked in the light of perfection in their days and finished their mission successfully. The Apostle Paul emphasized on that command when he said ".... let us go on unto perfection..." Heb 6:1. To be specific in this special Teaching, let us highlight some cogent issues: A. WHAT IS CHRISTIAN PERFECTION?  Simply put, it means Christian maturity! This is the situation where a Christian has graduated from a  baby Christian to an adult Christian. The Apostle Paul lamented seriously over the immaturity of his Hebrew brethren. Heb 5:12-14. They were not mature In the faith. And they were not even aspiring to be mature. Rather they were always set to attack the truth as some Christians are doing today. They are not ready to check their lives and adjust, rather they keep on attacking the revelation of Truth that is coming out! This is pathetic. Note, Christian perfection or maturity is not one day job. It is a gradual process. It is gradually you will become free from sins, bitterness of mind, fighting, anger to mention a few, thereby you will become perfect. You need to keep on doing something about your Christian life or character, walking toward perfection everyday. B. THE AGENTS OF PERFECTION -  From Bible study and spiritual understanding, we came to realise that there are three Principal Agents of Christian perfection. 1. The Word of God. This is the number one agent of our perfection. The word of God is the 'water of God' which He uses to wash away our sins. Jesus told His Disciples that they were clean through the WORD which He had spoken to them. John 15:3. In Eph 5:26, we read "That He Might sanctify and cleanse it with the WASHING of WATER by the Word" The word of God is the water of God which He uses in washing away our sins. That is, when you listen to the word of God and accept it into your heart, it washes away your sins and makes you perfect before God. 2. The Blood of Jesus. The second Agent of our perfection is the precious Blood of Jesus. In 1John 1:7, the Bible says the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins! I can tell you, the blood of Jesus is God's 'detergent' which He uses to remove heavy stains from our souls! That is why the  Bible says without the shedding of blood there is no remission. Heb 9:22. That is why without the application of the blood of Jesus no human being will be saved. 3. The Holy Spirit. The next most powerful Agent in our Christian perfection is the Holy Spirit. The Bible talks about the surrendering of the Gentiles to Christ as being sanctified (perfected) by the Holy Ghost! Rom 15:16. Without the operation of the Holy Spirit, no Christian will attain God's standard of perfection as demanded in the Bible. You can now see from the above analysis that the three agents of perfection (The Word, The Blood and the Holy Spirit) God has provided work together for our Christian perfection or maturity. You can now see that God has made every provision for the Christian's perfection on this earth. This is a deep revelation for those who are hungry for the Truth. However, there are some things that a Christian needs to do to compliment God's efforts to perfect his or her Christian life. For instance, the Christian needs to submit himself or herself to the teachings of the Bible, apply the blood of Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to work in his or her life to perfect his or her Christian life! Every Christian needs to do this voluntarily. If not, even though God has released His word, the blood of Jesus has been shed and the Holy Spirit is available for you, yet you will not live the life of perfection as God has commanded. C.  AREAS OF CHRISTIAN PERFECTION.  On this note, i would like to itemize some areas that every Christian must cooperate with God for Christian perfection and maturity.  1. Willingness to live a practical Christian life. The Bible says Jesus began to do what He was teaching His followers. Acts 1:1. A Christian must be willing to live a practical Christian life. Christianity is not theory but practical living,, doing what you are learning. See Judges 7:17. That is Christianity. 2. The Christian's relationship with God and man! This is a very important area in our Christian perfection. Your relationship with God must be cordial. As a Christian you must not allow anything to come between you and your God. Is it marriage, business, money or anything in this world. And also for you to be perfect as a Christian, you must maintain a good relationship with your neighbours including your perceived enemies. The Bible says we should live in peace with all men both in the family, neighbourhood and Office or market places! Heb 12:14. Every Christian must work to perfect this area. 3. Living above sins! This is another vital area you must work toward perfection. You need to be free from sins. The Bible says shall we Continue in sins that grace may abound? Rom 6:1. Some Christians have spent so many years in the faith, yet they are still struggling with sins. Some are not free from alcohol, concubines outside their matrimonial homes, telling lies, worldliness and carnality etc. These types of Christians are not working toward perfection. These are the Christians that are full of arguments against the truth and fault findings against the true Ministers of God! May God deliver them in Jesus Mighty Name. 4. Christian dressing. This is another vital area every Christian should examine and work toward perfection. God is not only concerned about our inward disposition but He is seriously concerned about our physical appearance. Don't let any misguided preacher deceive you on this matter. Try and perfect your Christian dressing before it will be too late for you. Always dress as a Christian and as a daughter of Sarah and stop dressing and appearing like Unbelievers and daughters of Jezebel. Read 1Pet 3:3-5, compd 2Kgs 9:30. This area of indecent dressing especially women, has sent millions of souls to hell fire and they will be there throughout eternity! Be warned!!! 5. Restitution and settling of debts. Some Christians don't know that these things are very important. Do you know that owing a person and refusing to pay until you die can stop you from going to heaven? The Bible says we should owe no man anything except love. Friend, you need to do your restitution such as marriage, illegal wealth, stealing from the Office etc and pay your debts and perfect your Christian life for the Rapture! 6. Preaching of the Truth and stop deceiving people as a Minister of God. If as a Pastor, Evangelist, Bishop or Apostle, you are used to preaching prosperity, Success, victory and breakthroughs without telling the people about the salvation of their souls, you better change now! Do you know that as a Minister of God, you will give account of your preaching and teachings on the last day? My fellow Minister, begin to examine your messages and start perfecting yourself in this area. Finally, Christian perfection or maturity is all about growing in the grace and In the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the willingness to practice what you are learning, growing from stage to stage until you will become perfect as God has ordained for His children worldwide! SPECIAL PRAYER POINT - O Lord, grant me the grace to be PERFECT as you commanded in your word before the Rapture will take place in Jesus victorious Name. Amen. May the Lord in His multitude of mercies, perfect you and me to meet in heaven in Jesus glorious Name. Amen and Amen!! You are free to share this expository message to your neighbours if you love them as I love you! Thank

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


- I am talking about Dream Attacks which is ravaging many people, including so many Christians today! I am talking about what is happening in the spirit whenever you are asleep. You should know that dream is a general phenomenon. Every human being dreams, except you don't sleep. Every human being that sleeps dreams. This is the basic truth. Many people including so many Christians are careless about this. Most stubborn problems people are battling with today originate in the dream land. For instance, the problem that came upon Job started in his dream. Job 4:12-17. Here Job was relating to his friends how his problem started. Satan came and put fear into Job and he started shaking and he became afraid. Even today, Satan always begins his evil activities in the lives of people by putting fear in them so that in the process of being afraid, he will now strike! The summary statement of what we are saying here is, don't joke with your DREAMS!  Your dream is your monitoring system. It is through your dream you will know what is happening to you in the physical life. You should seek for counseling to know the meaning of some dreams or pray to God to reveal to you the true meaning of your dream, especially what you are always seeing in your dream. Note, any dream that is being repeated over and over, you need to address it. It means something is about to happen to you. If you don't address it in time, it will address you and you will begin to regret! It is important to note that we have bad and negative dreams and we equally have good and positive dreams! Bad dreams are from Satan while good dreams are from God. While you are praying against the fulfilment of bad dreams in your life, pray that good dreams should come to pass in your life. Think about the case of Chief Butler's dream and that of Chief Baker's own. Gen 40:5-22. While Chief Butler's dream was a good one, Chief Baker's own was a bad omen and he was truly hanged as he saw in the dream! Many Christians don't take dreams serious and that is why the devil is rejoicing over them. Friend, do you know that ignorance of your dream is the first step to your downfall? Note, it is not easy for Medical Doctors to diagnose a problem that its origin is embedded in the dream, in the spiritual realm! It is only prayer by the power of God that such a problem will be dealt with! SPECIAL PRAYER- Any dream that is targeted at my destiny, my family, my progress, my health, my marriage, children,  my job or business, terminate by fire in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Now pray this way also : O Lord, any dream from you that is designed to reposition me in life, to take me to a new heights of victory,  Breakthroughs, Success and protection and  to help me fulfil your purpose for my life, let it come to pass speedily, without delay in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amen and Amen by fire! Remain blessed and rapturable as you begin to address your dreams from today in Jesus name. AMEN

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


!  Truly, this Warning is for serious Christians in the end time. Many Christians are living carelessly and consequently, the spirit of the end time has captured and swallowed them! The Apostle Peter warned the people, the Church of his day, to SAVE themselves from the untoward generation, the spirit operating in their time. Acts 2:40. For your info, do you know that there are demons and spirits that operate in every generation? These spirits or demons are released from satanic kingdom to gather souls for hell fire! It is only a few Christians that are aware of this secret. That is why it is only a very few Christians that enter heaven out of millions that are dying every year! The remaining ones end up in hell fire. The most painful thing in life is for one to spend all his life in the Church and when he dies he finds himself in hell because his soul has been captured by the spirit that operates in his generation without his knowing! This calls for caution for every one of us to be careful. To be frank with you, there are terrible demons and spirits that are sent from Lucifer's Hqrs, in the second heaven, to gather souls for hell which many people, including sincere Christians are not aware of! These demons are very serious in their operations, working directly with Satan. These spirits manifest through many channels as the Lord is going to reveal to us in this crucial message. By the leading and the revelation of the Holy Spirit, i am going to itemize few of them for you to see and guide yourself against them. 1. THE SPIRIT OF LAZINESS!  Many Christians are very lazy these days, especially when it comes to the things of God. But when it comes to the issue of how to make money, they are very serious. They cant pray and fast. To attend weekly activities in the Church where they are members is difficult. They can't do evangelism, visitation or follow up to new converts in their churches. They can never wake up to pray in the midnight. They only come to Service on Sunday for about one hour and go back to their business centre. Above all, no zeal for the things of God. Christians in this condition have been captured by the spirit of laziness. This spirit is working seriously to ensure that people do not have so much interest in the things of God. Mt 5:6, 6:33. Christians in this condition cannot make it to heaven! 2. THE SPIRIT OF FASHIONS.  This is another dangerous spirit that is operating in this generation. You can see today that Satan and his agents have kept on bringing out new fashions every day. The purpose of these fashions is to draw people away from God, from serving God sincerely. The Bible says the fashion of this world is passing away. 1Cor 7:31. The demon of fashion is a very strong spirit. That is why many people especially women, have been captured and they are no longer interested in living in holiness of life! 3. HIGH LEVEL DEMONIC POSSESSION!  This is another deadly spirit controlling this generation. Many Christians are heavily possessed with demons today, even though they are working in the Church, Preaching, singing, full of activities! Some people may not know this until they leave this world. However, Some of these people know their condition but they deliberately hold unto these evil powers. How do you imagine, a Christian worker always flying in the night to meeting, drinking blood of human beings and he or she is a worker in the Church! How do you imagine, a Pastor or Bishop going to acquire power from the kingdom of darkness to perform miracles on the people! These ones are heavily possessed with demons. And this scenario is rampant today in Christendom. 4. THE SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL.  In 2Kgs 9:30 - 35, we read the story of Jezebel, the Wife of Ahab, her evil activities and how she died! Note, even though the physical Jezebel is dead many years ago, yet her spirit is still working and conquering many souls today all over the world. Jezebel is a powerful demon that has captured about 98% of the world of women today! That is why any Lady that dresses indecently, with make ups and attachments, and decorations with Jewelries is called a Daughter of Jezebel! In the book of Revelation, the spiritual Jezebel was seen as seducing ministers of God to commit fornication with her! Rev 2:20-24. This is a terrible spirit that Satan is using to conquer many churches today. 5. Other spirits that are controlling this generation are : The spirit of fake power demonstration, The spirit of football game, The spirit of divorce and remarriage among Ministers of God, The spirit of witchcraft in the Church, The spirit of smoking and drinking of alcohol among youths, The spirit of hard heartedness against the Truth, The spirit of Ant-christ operating everywhere especially in many churches, Banks, TV stations, entertainment centres, The spirit of dead churches, Counterfeit and fake Ministers, The spirit of hatred, envy and jealousy among Christians, The pursuit of money to the detriment of salvation, Spiritual Blindness in the Church and among Christians, The spirit of youth restiveness and agitation to be free to live and dress the way they like in the Church, The spirit of deceptions, people seeing strange occurrences such as a woman delivering koran, The spirit of 'it doesn't matter syndrome' , The spirit of homosexual and lesbianism,(man marrying man, woman marrying woman), etc. The list of spirits controlling people in this end time is almost endless! The fundamental question now is how can I escape this terrible menace to save my soul and make it to heaven at last? It is very SIMPLE!  God, in His mercy and grace, has made enough provision for you to escape all these demons for you to appear before God complete! And what is the PROVISION?  1. Accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord and personal Savior and you have escaped these demons! Jesus says "Come unto me all of you that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest" Mt 11:28. Jesus Christ is the only escape route from demonic forces. Your acceptance of His sacrifice on the cross of calvary is the requirement! Also read John 3:16, Rom 10:9,10. Once you are truly in Christ, these spirits have no power over you! 2. SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM THE WORLD!  If there is anything God hates in the lives of Christians is the spirit of WORLDLINESS!  Check it - Isa 3:16-23, Rom 8:5-8, 12:1,2, 1Tim 2:9,10, 1Pet 3:3-5. Beloved, for you to save your soul and escape these powers you Must separate yourself from every iota of worldliness! 3. EMBRACE HOLINESS OF THE BIBLE!  This is the holiness of both within and without, your heart and body! Rom 12:1,2, 1Thes 5:23. If you are the type of Christian that only believe holiness of the heart and don't believe in holiness of physical appearance, you will be disappointed on the last day! In addition, True Holiness of life is antidote to demonic possession and attacks! That is, when you embrace the true Holiness of the Bible and start living the life, you will be free from these Satanic spirits ruling in the end time! I draw the curtain here. You can share this message with your neighbours. Thank you and God bless you for reading this article


!  Once again, we are in for a very vital and a crucial message for all MOG worldwide. This message is meant for all Ministers of God globally to examine themselves thoroughly and go back to the old path! The message is also meant for sincere Christians who are following these unrepentant evil Leaders to take a bold step and withdraw immediately without further consultation to save their souls from hell. The rate at which things are going on in some Christian Ministries these days is worrisome and lamentable and heaven is weeping seriously over these affected Leaders. The Bible says if you know these things happy are you if you do them. John 13:17. That is, any Minister of God that will understand what we are about to share here and you can take a bold step to amend your ways, you will surely rejoice at the end of your journey on earth and you will not miss your place in heaven in Jesus Mighty Name! We are talking about the PERILS OF CHRISTIAN MINISTERS especially in this generation. For your info, many Ministers who started very well from the beginning have derailed from the track, they have left the Truth! From my research and findings in the Ministry coupled with my personal and practical experiences in the Ministry for over 30 yrs, many things have gone wrong in the lives of many Christian Leaders! In this special research, i would like to itemize just few of those things which have become the perils of many Ministers today, especially in this end time. And what are these things? 1. THE PRIDE OF LIFE!  The book of prov 16:18, says "Pride goeth before destruction....." Right from time, Pride has been the bane and the downfall of Ministers of God.  And in Chapter 29:23, it says "A man's Pride will bring him low" You can see from these passages and many more that Pride is not a friend but an enemy, especially to the Ministers who want to make it to heaven. The Pride of life has reduced so many Christian Leaders to USELESSNESS before God and they don't know it. For instance, they were some Ministers, who, when they were not yet elevated to the position of financial breakthrough and affluence, they looked very humble and meek. But immediately they became promoted to that level, they became proud and pompous! I heard of a Church in Abj that  poor people are not allowed to enter. You can't trek into that Church. But must come with a heavy Zeep or a high class Car. The Church is for extremely rich ones such as Governors, Ministers, presidents and business tycoons etc. This is what is happening today among many Christian Leaders. These ones are not working for God but for Satan! The Pride of life, the Pride of achievements and personal ego have eaten them up! 2. MONEY MATTERS -  Another powerful thing that is destroying many Christian Leaders today is the issue of the love of money! The Bible says the love of money is the ROOT of all evil! 1Tim 6:10. And truly, it is in the bid to get money that many Ministers of God have stopped preaching the Truth and the holiness of the Bible. They are now preaching prosperity, Success and breakthroughs to get quick money and to become financially buoyant to the detriment of their salvation and those of the people they are leading. In short, many Christian Leaders today have exchanged their souls and their congregations for money! This is terrible and pathetic. And of course, it is in the area of money you will know who is faithful in the ministry. Many Servants of God are fallen from the grace today because of  mismanagement of Church fund. Any Church money, no matter how Small, that is not accounted for, will destroy your record and integrity before God. They started very well but have now changed direction and started preaching another gospel because of money. 3. WOMEN ISSUE. This is another dangerous matter! Many Christian Ministers today have sold their souls and the ministry because of women matters. Some have divorced and remarried and they are still preaching on the Altar. Others are having concubines outside their matrimonial home and they are still preaching and ministering powerfully! Note, it is not God that is using them but Satan the Deceiver! Be careful where you go and join people for worship and the Minister who lays hand on you for prayers! Hear the counsel of King Solomon to his children against women matters, "For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil. Her feet go down to death, her steps take hold on hell" Prov 5:3,5. Unfortunately, it was this very women issue that brought Solomon down and sent him to hell. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines, altogether 1000 women at home! 1Kgs 11:3. Thus, Solomon's Ministry was destroyed and he could not make it to heaven because of women! This is a serious Warning for all Ministers of God concerning women issues. Many pastors are sleeping with their Church members here and there, and they are still preaching and leading in that Church or Ministry. 4. LEGALIZATION OF WORLDLINESS IN THE CHURCH  This is another terrible thing that is a great peril of many Pastors! Every seasoned Minister of God knows quiet well that God hates worldliness in the Church and has spelt out the penalty for the offenders. That Christians who live worldly lives will spend their eternity In the lake of fire. Rom 8:5-8, 12:1,2, Eze 7:19-21, 1Pet 3:3-5, 1Tim 2:9,10. Many Christian churches today have legalized worldliness in their Ministries claiming that we are now in the 21st Century, and a time of civilization! These Ministers started very well in holiness but they are now operating in the flesh. In fact, deep worldliness has now become the bane and the peril of many Ministers of God in this Century! Today many Pastors don't see anything bad in women wearing trousers, painting their lips and fingers, putting on heavy attachments,, doing make ups, wearing short skirts singing in the choir etc. Where is the true Holiness in the Church of Christ today as we saw in the Early Church? Remember, No Holiness, No Heaven! Don't let anybody deceive you. 5. ACQUISITION OF EVIL POWER!  This is another peril of many pastors today. In the bid to get power for quick breakthroughs, power demonstration and POPULARITY, many pastors are now visiting demonic world to get power. Reader, let me freely tell you, any power you acquire for miracles and demonstration which its source is not from the Holy Spirit, waiting upon God in prayers and fasting to develop yourself to get it raw from God, it is demonic and you will pay dearly for it in the lake of fire throughout eternity! Jesus says "Behold I give unto you power..." Lk 10:19. He said All power has been given unto Him in heaven and on earth. Mt 28:18. In Luke 24:49,  He told His Disciples to WAIT in Jerusalem UNTIL they would receive power from ABOVE! But many Ministers today are not ready to wait to receive power from above but want to go through short cut! Any power that is not from  Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, is a fake power from Satanic kingdom. All the demonstration that you are seeing are just manipulations to deceive the gullible ones! 6. PREACHING OF HERESIES!  This is another terrible thing that has destroyed many Christian Leaders. They have started preaching and Teaching wrong doctrines. For instance, some pastors are preaching or teaching that children who are not up to the age of accountability should be baptised in water. Others are saying every Christian can take Holy communion whether you are baptised in water or not so far you are born again, speaking in tongues! What an error! Many Christians don't know that they will give account of their preaching and teachings on the day of judgement! 7. UNCONTROLLABLE FAMILY!  This is another serious issue. Many Ministers' perils is their families, their wives and children. That was the problem of Eli. It was Eli's children that brought his downfall. The Bible says anyone who cannot control his family, his Wife and children being subject to the word of God, should not aspire to rule in the house of God. 1Tim 3:4,5. Many Ministers are fallen from the grace today because of the attitude of their Wives and children! Many Ministers wives and children are not ready to obey the word of God that the Pastor is preaching. And the Pastor also is not even doing anything to curtail their excess! He just leaves them alone. So the Wife is dressing as she pleases and the grown up children are behaving and are doing things as they like and God is angry with the father! Well, i draw the curtain here. You are free to share this message with any Minister or Church Leader that you know to save them from perishing! Thanks and shall bless you richly. You will not miss your place in heaven in Jesus Mighty Name

Monday, 10 April 2017


! Friend, we are here once again for a very expository message that the Lord gave to me during my night prayers and deep meditation! The message is very revealing and insightful. And to inform you from the onset, this message is meant for Christians who are heaven candidates, those who are sincerely hungry to make it to heaven at last! I am talking about the VALUE of NATURAL Christian living! These days, many Christians are no more interested in living a Natural Christian life as ordained by God in the Bible. And what is a Natural Christian life? It is a life devoid of any artificial, make ups, attachment etc. In Gen 1:31 the Bible says after God had created everything including man and woman, plants and animals, He certified and confirmed that  everything was very good and perfect! In this regard, nothing should be added to or subtracted from what He has done! And in Rev 22:18,19, the Lord issued a serious Warning to anyone who would dare add to or remove anything from what He has made. That such a person will be adding more plagues to himself in the lake of fire or removing his name from the book of life. This is a terrible Warning to all those Christians who are carelessly adding to or subtracting from what God has perfectly made! In Ps 139:14, the Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made! From these passages and many more, it is crystal clear that any Christian who is looking unnatural, adding make ups to his or her natural beauty, changing what God has created from natural to unnatural, is living under the anger of God! Such a person, whether man or woman, is challenging God that He did not create him or her well. This is an insult against God's holy nature. Now let me be specific in this message. A. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF UNNATURAL CHRISTIAN LIVING?  Now, let the Bible speak on this matter. In Rom 1:26,27, the Bible talks about women changing the natural use into that which is against nature - that is, woman to woman, which is lesbianism! And men going after fellow men, which is homosexual! They leave the natural use of women to go against the nature. This is contrary to what God has decreed from the aborigine! In the aborigine the Lord Jehovah says a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his Wife and two of them shall become one. Gen 2:21-24. This is authentic marriage for man and woman! This is the natural way of marrying as approved by God. Anything other than this is unnatural and unacceptable to heaven! It is changing the natural to unnatural which carries death penalty from God! Rom 1:32. Apart from marriage, another symbol of unnatural Christian living is the area of dressing. The Bible has stated very clearly that men should not wear what belongs to women and vice versa. Deut 22:5. But today you see women dressing like men, wearing trousers and other men's wears going up and down, even in the Church of Christ. You also see men wearing women clothes like wrappers in the name of Culture and tradition, going about even to the Church of Christ! What an abomination! Note, no Culture is above God's word. No Culture should change God's word. Another area that many Christians are living an unnatural Christian lives is in the area of Jewelries! Every spiritual and seasoned Christian knows that God is against the use of Jewelries such as earrings, neck lace, ornaments, wedding or engagement rings by His children. But today you see many Believers using these things freely to decorate their bodies which is the Temple of God. 1Cor 3:16,17. Check from the Old Testament to the New Testament, God has never endorsed Jewelries for His children to use! It has always been the Gentiles, the Unbelievers, who have been using these items. For instance, before Jacob and his household moved to Bethel to meet with God, they had to remove their Jewelries, earrings etc from their body and buried them under an Oak tree. Gen 35:1-4. Again, before God agreed to follow the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land to guide them, He asked them to remove these things from their body which they did. Ex 33:1-6.  These are unnatural Christian living. Today when you come to many churches you see pastor's Wife and children wearing trousers and earrings, with heavy make ups singing in the choir and leading groups! They don't know that they are living an abominable life! The pastors will be arguing and telling you we are in the time of grace, we are in the time of civilization! Whereas they don't know that grace does not come to empower us to live in sins, rather, It comes to empower us to live in holiness and righteousness and to live above sins while we are on this earth as Christians. Further, another area one can be seen living an unnatural life is in BLEACHING of body and changing of hairdos. That is, using a chemical to change your natural complexion to unnatural colour and changing your natural hairdo to unnatural through perming, jerry curling, using weave on, attachment etc. For instance, you are an African, you use chemical to change your body and hairdo to that of Americans. You are living an unnatural life. You will pay dearly for that action in the Lake of fire in the day of judgement. Allow the colour or the complexion that God gave to you to remain like that! As a man, don't dye your hair so that you look young always! It is a sin before God. Don't let anybody deceive you with sweet words, maintain your natural Christian life and get to heaven at the end of your Pilgrimage on earth. B. THE BLESSINGS OF LIVING A NATURAL CHRISTIAN LIFE.  Now, let me itemize some blessings you will experience when you decide to live a Natural Christian life. In the first place, you will have peace with God because you are obeying His word. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments. John 14:15. Secondly, you will be free from dangerous attacks from the kingdom of darkness. Many Christians don't know that what gives a Christian power to live without being attacked by demons is obedience to the word of God, living a Natural life as a Christian and as God created you! Look, if every Christian should know this principle, and follow it, you don't need to be going from pillars to poles in search of deliverance! You will have your victory and protection over demonic forces every time. Many Christians have no rest night and day because of the properties of Satan they are carrying on their bodies or making use of! Drop these things and you will have your freedom, peace and permanent deliverance. The Bible says who is he that will harm you if you are following that which is good? 1Pet 3:13. The 3rd blessing of living a Natural Christian life is that, you will have assurance of making heaven on the last day. On that day, the gate of heaven will open for you to enter because there is no artificial or attachment on your body! TESTIMONY -  A great woman of God was disappointed at the gate of heaven because of little, little earrings found in her ears! When the Angels told her that she cannot enter because of these things, she was trying to explain herself and plead for her soul but it was too late for her! The Angels quoted Eze 7:19-21, and finally condemned her to hell. All the good works she did for God and the souls she won for Christ became in vain! Beloved, let us be careful how you run this race so that you will not run in vain because of living an unnatural Christian life! Well, the door of mercy is still open! You Can change today and begin to live a Natural Christian life and maintain what God has given to you and you will be forgiven. God is a gracious and merciful God. God bless you richly for reading this article with the mind to adjust yourself and amend your ways. Remain blessed and rapturable in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!! God bless you all


This message is for those who are working in places where they are not supposed to work as True Christians! Beloved, if you are a Truly born again and a serious Christian, it is not anywhere you see advert for employment that you will apply for! There are some places you are not supposed to work as a Christian who is on the narrow way to heaven! For instance, why should a truly born again Christian go and take up appointment in places like a hotel or a prostitute house, bear parlour, Club house, football Club, Game Centre or Brewery where they produce alcohol, just to mention a few? Why should a Christian begin to sell alcohol and cigarette because that is the business that is moving in the market today? Note, there are some places you will work or some businesses you will do that if care is not taken you will just be working for Satan, populating hell fire instead of working for God to populate heaven! However, there are some places that a disciplined Christian can work and still make it to heaven. That is, you need to be well and RUGGEDLY disciplined to work in those places if not you will be corrupted before you finish from there. Examples of those places are Banks, Police Force, Army, Navy, Customs, Courts, Security, etc. If you are working in any of the above mentioned, you need to be extra ordinary vigilant, disciplined and careful for you to make it to heaven from there! You need to be careful, watchful and prayerful here so that you will not be corrupted or stain your Christian life or defile your spiritual garment! This is a serious matter!  To balance it, do you know that there is no place you will work today as far as this world is concerned that you will not be corrupted if you are not watchful, vigilant, disciplined and prayerful? However what we are saying here is that, there are some places you will work that the corruption there is more pronounced and glaring than other places! In all, we need the grace of God to work anywhere in this global world today! In short, I received this revelation in the Spirit and I need to share it with Friends who care for their souls. Note, there are some Christians that would have made it to heaven but because of the places they are working, it will not be possible for them! For instance, there are some work places where the Management has made it a Law or compulsory that everybody working in that organization MUST put on TROUSERS. And you are a born again Christian Sister working here! You know this is already against the law of God! Deut 22:5. In some places like Banks, they dictate to ladies the type of weave-on, paints, eyelashes, attachments or dress you Must put on as a lady and you can't say No! This is a very pathetic situation. The Ant-christ is already at work. Beloved, do you know that the Ant-christ number 666 according to the book of Revelation (Rev 13:16-18), is already being given in many places of work or Offices today globally? Note, any place where you are working and it is compulsory for you to obey their ethics and disobey God's word is an Anti-christ Institution or work place! Be warned. The bottom line on what we are saying here is that any place you are working or you are about to get job, and what they are doing there or selling is against the True Christian faith, since you cannot stop them, you better run away from there to save your soul! There is a popular saying among the Unbelievers that if you can't beat them you join them! But this is not true in the Christian faith. That is, in the Christian faith, if you cannot beat them or stop them, you QUIT or run away from them! That is the standard. You are not supposed to join them in their sinful condition! The Bible says what shall it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your precious soul in hell? Mk 8:36. Verse 37 says what will you give in exchange for your soul? Your soul is more precious than any thing such as job, money, fashions, pleasure etc that Satan is offering you today! And what the devil is after in your life is how to capture your soul. Be wise and reject his deceptive offers! Many Christians are on their way to hell because of the places where they are working! Others are already in hell weeping and regretting seriously, gnashing their teeth terribly because of the places they worked when they were on  earth! I know God will grant you the grace to understand what we are saying here in the Spirit for you to change direction before it is too late! Note, i know so many people including some Christians will not be happy or comfortable with what I am sharing with you here! And this is the rugged truth for all heaven candidates! Note, do you know that going to heaven is not butter and bread as some ignorant Ministers are teaching their members? The Bible describes it as a NARROW WAY!  We need the grace and the mercy of God coupled with our own determination, discipline, seriousness and prayerfulness to make it to heaven at last! SPECIAL PRAYER - O Lord, help me to be sensitive to spiritual matters and adjust before it is too late in the Name of Jesus Christ. O Lord, i need your grace and mercy with revelation in this matter in Jesus name. AMEN


Beloved, this message is meant for the youths and parents with youths worldwide. As parents and Guardians, use this message to check and guide your children in the way of the Lord. Prov 22:6. The rate at which Satan is battling with our youths today, to capture or catch them young in order to make their lives miserable, impoverished & useless to their families, Communities, churches and the Nation is worrisome and lamentable and it calls for sober reflection! From my research and studies with some analytical observations, i now realize that there are certain problems that are common among the youths of our generation, which need to be addressed urgently! Note, in this crucial message, i am not going to talk much about youths outside the Church, because those ones are already in the hands of Satan, and he is using them to capture the whole world! But my main concern here is the youths Inside the Church! Here is a Warning given to all Christian youths to be careful about the kind of lifestyle they are living today: "Rejoice o young man, in thy youth,and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and In the sight of thine eyes, but know thou that for all these things God will bring thee into judgement" Ecc 11:9. And in chapter 12:1, it says, "REMEMBER now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh when thou shalt say, i have no pleasure in them" This is a serious Warning for all Christian youths in the body of Christ today. Now what are the common problems among the youths of our generation? 1. EVIL COMPARISON!  This is one of the greatest problems facing our youths today. The Bible says those who compare themselves with others are not wise. 2Cor 10:12. Today evil comparison has made many of the youths to have backslidden! They are comparing themselves with the youths of the world. They want to live like them. They have forgotten that they are youths in the Church who are to shine as light of the world. This is a common problem among youths today. 2. YOUTH RESTIVENESS AND AGITATIONS!  This is another serious problem facing the youths of our time. Today many Christian youths are restless, agitating to do things that are contrary to the scriptures. For instance, in some churches or Ministries today, youths are ganging up against their Leaders to allow them to live the way they like and to dress the way they please. And when the Pastor refuses to consent or agree with their demand, they go into riot to press forward their demand! There was a pathetic story I heard of a Church where the Sunday school Teacher (A Sister who believes in total holiness) was teaching the youths that it is not good for Christian ladies to wear trousers, paint their faces, lips, fingers or wear slimy dresses etc. The youths in that Church were not happy and comfortable with that Teacher and so they went and met the Senior Pastor to remove the Teacher immediately. And the Pastor who had no spiritual stamina had to concord and remove the Teacher who was preaching holiness and brought in the one who believes in worldliness like the youths. The new Teacher started telling them to dress the way they like, that after all, God is only concerned about our heart. Then the youths started rejoicing and jubilating that they have won! This is the problem we are having in many churches today. 3. YOUTHFUL EXUBERANCE!  This is another great problem among youths. The youths want to know, they want to test, they want to taste, they want to enjoy when it is not yet time for them for all these things. Generally, the adolescent period for all youths is a very delicate one! This is the period the youths are about to transit into maturity, to get married. This is the period many youths get spoiled, some of them going ahead to pregnate ladies here and there, why because they want to know, they want to taste! But any Christian youth that can pass through that age without any defilement or corruption that young Christian man or Lady will become a Mighty instrument in the hand of God in future and a great Leader Indeed. It is a major challenge facing the Christian youths in the 21st Century! 4. LACK OF PATIENCE.  Many Christian youths are not ready to be patient with their current Leaders and wait for their time before they start to manifest. Many of the youths want to overthrow their Pastor and take over his seat when it is not yet their turn or time to do so. Why not being patient with God until the appointed time! The Bible says he that shall endure unto the end... Mt 24:13. Lack of patience is a major problem among the youths today. 5. LACK OF SELF DISCIPLINE AGAINST THE OPPOSITE SEX!  This is another serious problem rocking our youths today. Many of the youths lack self discipline when it comes to the issue of the opposite sex. Today you see some Christian youths who have not married but live as if they have married! Sometimes you see them hugging, caressing, embracing and kissing as if they are husband and Wife! This is an inordinate and unholy practice among the Christian youths! Any Christian youth found in this type of life, he or she is worthy of suspension from the body of Christ. Such a youth is corrupting and defiling the body of Christ, the Church. The Bible says such a thing should not be named even once among the brethren. It is an unholy behaviour! Why not wait until you are married before you start caressing, cuddling, embracing, hugging and kissing, only with your Wife? Be patient! Maintain a self discipline today as a youth to avoid regretting tomorrow! 6. INDECENT DRESSING!  This is another terrible problem facing almost every Christian youth today. Deep worldliness has become part and parcel of the youths in our churches today. They dress half naked even to the Church without their conscience even condemning them. They paint their face, lips, fingers, toes and decorate themselves with Jewelries singing in the choir and working with the Pastor as Secretary! And the Pastor is not concerned or worried about all these abominations in the Church! What a world of corruption we are living in? God is seriously against worldliness in the Church. Check it. Gen 35:1-4, Ex 33:1-6, 2Kgs 9:30, Eze 7:19-21, Isa 3:16-23, 1Tim 2:9,10, Rom 8:5-8, 12:1,2. Note, there were some churches and ministries that started very well with holiness message and practice but the youths of our generation came and turned everything upside down and those churches are now operating perfectly in deep worldliness today because of the advent of the youths of the 21st Century with dangerous and evil civilization! 7. PRIDE OF EDUCATION!  The last point I want to mention as a common problem among the youths is PRIDE OF EDUCATION OR CERTIFICATE!  The Bible says pride goeth before destruction. Many youths, because they have gone to University and gathered circular knowledge, they are no more ready to humble themselves before their spiritual Leaders who God has placed over them. Note, do you know that one can go to University and read to become a Professor or Vice Chancellor of a University, but when it comes to spiritual matters he or she is minus zero degree? This is a major problem facing the modern youths. Some youths were very good from their families, loving God, living a holy life before they went to School. But as soon as they come back from school they started speaking another language, dressing any how and they will tell you it doesn't matter. Hmmm, may God have mercy on our generation, especially on our youths. Amen. THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS.  The solution is very simple. Every Christian youth should genuinely repent and be focused on the Lord! Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the way, the Truth and the Life. John 14:6. The youths should stop comparing themselves with worldly youths. Rather they should compare themselves with Bible youths such as Moses (the proper Child), Joseph, David, Nehemiah, Timothy, etc. The youths should maintain self discipline and stop Committing sins in the body of Christ. They should embrace holiness of life and avoid every iota of worldliness and carnality in the  Church of Christ. Above all, the youths should learn to be humble and submit to their Spirit fathers of faith! Note, any youth that reads this article and takes the divine counsel seriously, your both physical and spiritual future is bright and you will not miss your place in heaven in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!! You are free to share this crucial message with everyone around you especially the youths of our generation. Remain blessed and rapturable in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. I love the youths with the love of God